Samsung announce B308 and B289 mobile phones

Samsung has announced the introduction of two new budget clamshell mobile phones: the B308 and B289. In fact, reports say that the letter ‘B' in the model designation actually stands for ‘basic'.


According to the iTechnews website, the B308, also known as the B300, apparently, is a dual-band GSM phone with a screen spanning 1.5in. Entertainment is included in the shape of a MP3 player plus a FM tuner and Java games, although there are no specific details on the games themselves. Expansion is possible via a USB port.


The sister handset, the B289, is rather more simplified when compared to the B308. It's screen is 1.52in large and has larger keypad keys.


Both handsets are ideal for those on a budget or for those with a higher spec mobile phone who wish to have a second, standby, handset in case of emergencies or for those who might wish to take a phone into a situation or environment in which a more expensive phone may be damaged or even stolen.


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