Plica - a concept mobile phone or iPhone+?

The new Plica mobile phone utilises two touch screens that, some believe, will show the way to the next generation of phones including those from Apple. Mainly because it utilises the touch screen in a more natural manner, giving the user more space to take advantage of the pictorial buttons. One of the iPhone's criticisms (and other designs such as HTC's Touch Diamond), is the fact that the interface can be too small for adult fingers.


According to the Tuvie website, the new Plica gets around the interface problem by dividing the controls so, for example, you could have one screen devoted to a QWERTY keyboard and the other for the touch screen itself. When folded out, the phone then turns into a mini laptop. Featured on the double hinge is a USB port and a headphone socket.


The are no details as to any proposed commercial venture involving the design.


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