Think it, find it with T9 Nav

A new trial has been introduced to the UK by Nuance that is set to speed up the process of looking for information on your mobile phone. T9 Nav uses a predictive text system to locate your contacts, launch applications or find music, directly from your home screen, thus avoiding the need to open up various menus. For example, once downloaded, simply type 322 (3 = f, 2 = a, 2 = c) to immediately launch your Facebook application, or 336 (den) to find out when your dentist appointment is in your calendar.


The trial will run until 31 October, though currently it will only work on a Nokia N95 or other S60-based devices. It is currently free, but there will be a charge to use the service after the trial ends, although discounts will be available if participants respond to various surveys. To trial T9 Nav, visit

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