Iocell landline phone features a built-in hard disk

A new landline phone has been released that features a built-in hard disk. Sporting a distinctive styling that combines classic Bang & Olufsen lines along with a certain 60s nostalgic chic, the Iocell Contents Phone's hard disk addition means that you can record conversations when talking, which can then be transferred to a PC, an MP3 player or even over the internet.


You can, if you have a hankering, play music in the background to your chats. Something smoochy when saying sweet nothings to your partner perhaps? It also means that you can hold a wide variety of music to play when on ‘hold'.


The unit is also easy to manage due to the synchronisation of caller IDs. Associated to that is a large telephone directory. You can also initiate a conference call via the built-in speaker.


No news of UK distribution or price has yet been announced.


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