NTT DoCoMo announces the development of an intelligent battery

NTT DoCoMo has, in conjunction with Mitsumi Electric, developed a new intelligent Li-ION battery. Announced at the Wireless Japan 2008 conference, the new battery technology can detect trouble within the battery, which then sends the information to the screen as a report.


The battery features an entire 8-bit computer that monitors the condition of the unit. It consistently examines the current, voltage, temperature, its state of deterioration and the remaining battery level. The battery also indicates when it requires a recharge or if the unit needs to be repaired. In addition, if the battery needs to replaced, this information will also be displayed.


The information for the current condition of the battery is stored on the battery itself. This means that, if you move the battery to another phone, you can still view the information that was triggered by the previous phone.


NTT DoCoMo will understandably be the first range of phones to utilise the new battery technology and in 2009.


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