Apple's App store reaches 1001 applications

When the Apple App store initially opened around two weeks ago, there were around 500 applications available. Now, that number has passed 1001.


However, according to the website, the developers are not happy. They have complained that the new applications are taking too long to be approved, or updates for current programs are not being issued . This means users that buggy programs are still being struggled with despite fixes being available.


David Chartier in an Ars Technica article that summarises the litany of developer complaints said: 'If an update does make it into the store, iTunes isn't always listing the correct version. NetNewsWire, for example, is actually at version 1.0.7, but the App Store says only 1.0.1.'


As for Apple, it released a press release that, during mid-July, 10 million apps had been downloaded. Eight days later that figure had mushroomed to 25 million. Of the total, around 20% are available for free with the majority of the others priced around the $10 mark.


Steve Jobs said to the website that, "The App Store is a grand slam. Developers have created some extraordinary applications, and the App Store can wirelessly deliver them to every iPhone and iPod touch user instantly."


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