Hitachi and Casio: world's first mobiles to feature external electronic paper display

Both Hitachi and Casio have released their own mobile phones and E Ink has issued a simultaneous announcement saying both have included its E Ink Vizplex Imaging Film based displays, externally, a world's first. That is, the first clamshell mobile phones to use E Ink's electronic paper technology on the outside, according to the Slashphone website.


"We wanted features such as outdoor sunlight readability, 180 degree viewing angle, extremely thin, rugged, flexible display that consumed very little power," said Satoshi Shirasawa, Marketing Manager for CHMC. "E Ink's electrophoretic display technology provided all that and more, something we could not get from other display technologies."


The Hitachi W61H mobile phone, designed by SeKiYuRiO, resembles a perfume bottle and features a 2.7in E Ink display that scrolls through 96 different images, including animations. The latter is activated when a call or message is received. The Casio G'zOne is due for release this summer. It features E Ink's Vizplex as a secondary display.


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