One million 3 dongle customers

3 has announced that they have sold over one million dongles to mobile broadband customers across the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Austria. 3's competitive pricing scheme is attracting both pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go customers.


The operator has also announced that it is to start selling a new dongle. The Huawei E160G has a built-in memory card slot that can store up to 4GB of data. Available in black and white, it will cost pay-as-you-go customers £99.99, £49.99 on a 12-month 1GB contract or for free on all other contracts.


18 and 24-month contracts


Data Allowance            Price per month            Out of bundle

0GB                                        0                              £1

1GB                                        £10                           10p

5GB                                        £15                           10p

15GB                                       £30                           10p



Pay-as-you-go and 12-month contract prices


Data Allowance            Price per 30 days/month           Out of bundle

1GB                                               £10                                           £1/10p

3GB                                               £15                                           £1/10p

7GB                                               £25                                           £1/10p

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