LG release its Wine mobile phone in Europe and Japan

LG has announced the release of its Wine mobile phone into Europe and Japan. The handset includes enhanced voice calling and SMS with four user-specific buttons included to support frequent menu selections. It will be available in white, gold, and pink for Japan and pink, dark purple and black in Europe.


One of the features most discussed for the new handset is LG's assertion that it has installed a larger internal screen, spanning 2.4in. The reason for the size of the screen, says LG, is that the new Wine mobile phone is aimed at the 30-40 year olds.


This is an intriguing statement and makes one wonder just what LG's expectations are for this targeted age group and their physical capabilities - or lack of them. The comment does show some concern from the company. The inference is that LG believes that doddery 30-somethings, with their failing eyesight, need a bigger screen to get them through their mobile day. What next? Will LG's paternalistic leanings fix the volume on the Wine to range between 8 and 10 on the sound scale? You know how you fall to bits when you hit that dangerous 3-0, after all. I SAID YOU KNOW HOW YOU FALL TO BITS...BITS! YES DEAR, THATS RIGHT...I'LL GET YOUR SLIPPERS AND HOT BABYCHAM NOW.


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