Santok reveals SP500 speakerphone

Santok is offering an alternative to the plug in your ear Bluetooth headphones. The SP500 Bluetooth Speakerphone can clip onto the visor in your car or laid flat on your desk in your home or office. Pair it up to any Bluetooth phone and the SP500 will automatically synch with the contacts list in your phone displaying the name of a caller on the large LCD display. The display itself is adjustable allowing you to tilt it to gain the most effective angle.


The SP500 uses advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with automatic echo cancellation for excellent call quality. Santok has also fitted the SP500 with two charging sockets, located at either end of the device, to help avoid it becoming tangled in wires when charging it. It also boasts 600 hours standby time and eight to ten hours talktime.


The SP500 is starting to be shipped out now, though independent retailers may use their own branding. For more information, visit

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