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Vodafone has introduced a new tariff that aims to keep family and friends more connected. Vodafone Family is available in two packages. For £5 a month, one Vodafone customer can nominate three other people and the four of them will be able to make unlimited calls between them. They don't even have to be family members, just other Vodafone users, be them prepay or contract. What's more, for £7 a month the group can be extended to six people. If one of the group is a prepay customer and happens to run out of credit, they will still be able to make a call to one of their group members.


Calls made through the Vodafone Family package can be made at any time of the day or night, though each call has a maximum call time of 60 minutes. Customers can also upgrade from the £5 a month package to the £7 a month at any time. To set up Vodafone Family, Vodafone customers can call 34444 or visit for full details and terms and conditions.

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