TransferJet wireless technology will push speeds up to 560Mbps

A new wireless technology, known as TransferJet, will, it is reported, increase data transfer speed up to 560Mbps. Many major companies are part of the technology development including Hitachi, KDDI, Samsung, Toshiba, Olympus, Nikon, Kodak and Sony Ericsson. This announcement, in fact, has revealed that the major companies are all working together to develop the technology for a variety of products - including items that will utilise video, music and images - that will inter-connect.


According to the Slashphone website, the TransferJet wireless technology

also includes a simplified set-up. To such an extent that it is proposed that just by wirelessly 'touching' two compliant electronic products together allows files to be transferred automatically, without the need for an access point.


Pointing a digital camera to a TV, for example, would mean that camera images would be instantly shown on the screen. More pertinently, a phone could receive music files automatically from a MP3 player.


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