Samsung M150 mobile phone announced - targets budget end of market

Samsung has announced the forthcoming release of the new M150 mobile phone. The new handset appears to be aimed at the budget end of the market because its specifications are geared towards the lower end of the technological spectrum.


The basic features include a 1.77in colour LCD screen. Featuring a 20Mb internal memory and a dual-band antenna, the entertainment options include a FM radio along with a built-in music player. Expansion is achieved via Bluetooth. You also get a VGA camera built-in but there is no announcement, via the Slashphone website, to what specification it may be.


Data transfer is supported via GPRS - there is no 3G option - so transfer of information is not too swift.


The new mobile phone will be released in a variety of colours, however: Light Gray, Charcoal Gray, Pure White, Lavender Pink, and Ice Blue.


There are no details regarding the distribution of the handset into the UK. No price details have been announced thus far.


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