Nokia's new Tube mobile phone appears in The Dark Knight film

The new Nokia 5800 Tube mobile phone has been spotted within the new Batman film, The Dark Knight. Although still unannounced, the new Tube phone was seen being used by one of the characters in the film, played by Morgan Freeman.


According to the Unwired website, the phone was seen to have an attractive user-interface. Apparently, the new interface is much improved from the early prototype seen at the initial Nokia announcement.


According to the website, an eye-witness reported that the Tube's "...bottom keys seemed touch sensitive in the way they lit up but they could have been like the N81 keys. The front was glossy black and the side had a orange ring around it like the N78/N81/N96. The back was black."


However, you can make your own mind up, of course, by seeing the movie yourself. No comment was made by Nokia.


Click here to read the Unwired story

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