Rewrite Film Festival

Southwark Playhouse and two Street Geniuses has launched the Rewrite Film Festival, a film competition with a twist. All entries must be filmed on a mobile phone, though each entry can be edited on a computer. Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 20 with the winners receiving cash prizes as well as having their films shown at a gala event on 7 September. Submissions must be made between 1 and 31 August, with a cost of £5 per film.


Each applicant must base their film around one of three categories; Remake a film or short scene from a television program, Reprogramme people's perception about something that you are personally concerned with, and Rewind where you take the audience back to a moment in the past and change it in someway.


Entries can be made via post or email. For further information, visit

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