Bluetooth bracelet released for mobile phone users

A new Bluetooth bracelet has been released which has been designed to alert you about incoming mobile phone calls. The idea is to wear the item on your wrist. If you receive a call it will silently vibrate. This bracelet is ideal for those users who, when carrying a mobile phone on silent mode, find that the vibration isn't strong enough because it's buried in a pocket, possibly surrounded with other items. Also, for ladies who walk around with three ton of possessions in their hand-bag, it can be tough to sometimes even hear a phone ringtone.


Featuring a stand-by time of 60 hours it takes three hours to recharge and comes with a charging LED. It is sized at 7.1 x 1.2 x 0.5cm and weighs 178.2g.


Suitable for use with any phone, it also produces a trippy visualisation show when not in use. It's priced at under £19 plus P&P.


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