Sanwa's new battery extends life of iPhone mobile phone

Sanwa has announced a new battery to improve the life of the new Apple iPhone 3G. The Apple 3G manages to suck the life out of its own battery in double quick time. Using 3G, on its own, will rip thorugh a battery but if you add the iPhone's touchscreen then the drain will be increased immeasurably.


To help alleviate that situation, Sanwa Japan has introduced the 400-BT001. A rechargeable battery that adds around 3.5 hours to the iPhone operating talk time or around seven hours if you are using the handset for video play back or, alternatively, about 36 hours of audio.


The battery itself, according to the New Launches website, is a Lithium Ion and is rated at 1,200mAh. When purchased, the battery comes with a retractable USB cable plus an LED whch notifies you of the remaining battery life.


No UK distribution or price details have been announced but it is valued at around £25 equivalent.


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