Motorola about to release new H780 Bluetooth headset

Motorola is looking to announce a new Bluetooth headset, the H780. The new design will be a monophonic device that will feature the CrystalTalk technology. The latter helps to reduce ambient noise levels when you are taking a call. This allows you to hold a conversation in relatively noisy environment such as a street with lots of traffic roaring by.


Other features, commented on by the mobile website, Justamp, includes dual system noise and echo plus Multipoint technology. This means that you are able to connect this single headset to two phones simultaneously. This is very useful indeed. Especially if you have a work phone and personal phone and carry both around with you at the same time, for example.


The H780 is sized at 47 xh18 x 12mm and weighs 11g. When working on call, the typical battery life is around seven hours but, when on standby mode, the battery life is around 200 hours.


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