Sony Ericsson working on Feng mobile phone

Sony Ericsson is reportedly working on a new handset called the Feng. Of course, with this news appearing on the Internet, we have been deluged with instant stand-up routines wondering about a sister mobile phone called the Shui, whether you can only use it in certain parts of the house and if it's bad luck to phone in front of an open door.


The handset, according to the Mobilewhack website, will also be known as the W302 which means that it is part of the Walkman family of handsets and will be accompanied by hardware and software that will be of great interest to music fans. In fact, this will be the Walkman version of the S302 and will be sold as an entry-level to mid-range handset. Of course, you can look towards that handset for some general ideas of what the W302 will look like and how it will perform.


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