Sony Ericsson Alicia handset project labelled as W707

The Sony Ericsson mobile phone project known as Alicia has received an official designation - the W707. This is just the latest in a long line of projects which have either been announced or, more to the point, have been leaked to the media. This particular mobile phone was first spied around four weeks ago but was known only as the Alicia.


There is little else known about the handset but a few things can be inferred. To begin with, as the designation begins with a ‘W', then it can be safely implied that this handset is a Walkman phone with an array of music-specific additions both in hardware and software


Other features include an in-built camera, thought to be of 3.2MP. Reports say that there will not be an auto-focus, however. The keypad, according to the Mobilewhack website, is etched. Observers say that phone will have to screens: internal and external.


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