Now you can take a call under your Bluetooth umbrella

Take a call from your umbrella with this Bluetooth accessory. Mobile phone technology has now reached weather protective accouterments via the designer, Mikhail Stawsky.


The new idea integrates a Bluetooth device into an umbrella. The Bluetooth Umbrella is still a concept design but his handsfree speaker fits easily into the handle of the umbrella. The speaker works with the wireless connection and takes a big step in solving the perennial problem of having not enough hands to do what you want in our more soggy climate. It means that you can always keep your mobile phone hidden away but also means that you don't have to have a headset stuck to your ear.


In fact, according to the Slashgear website, this device does have advantages over a standard Bluetooth device in that it features a small LCD screen so that you can easily see the caller ID and other information which would be impossible to access via most standard headsets.


There's no distribution or price information as yet.


Click to read the Slashgear story


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