MTI Micro Mobion battery runs for 2,700 hours

MTI Micro has been testing a new battery technology called a Mobian fuel cell which has recently succeeded in lasting for 2,700 hours with further tests suggesting improved power degradation. 


According to Slashgear, a Li-Ion battery, when used continuously, is liable to lose around 50% in capacity during a period of two years. The new Mobian technology is judged to only lose 15%, in comparison which means that you would require less recharges, enjoy a longer usage time and a longer time between battery replacement.


"Our test results are a clear indication of the technical progress we have made on performance metrics including life, degradation, temperature, and humidity levels which are required to bring products to market in the consumer electronics industry. To our knowledge, there are no other published results that match ours," said Jim Prueitt, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at MTI Micro. "With these results, we believe we continue to be a leader in the micro fuel cell industry as we work toward the commercialization of our Mobion power sources."


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