Blackberry Thunder mobile phone to feature Haptic technology

The forthcoming Multi-Touch Blackberry Thunder handset will utilise Haptic technology - it's virtual keyboard is eagerly awaited. Details include localised Haptic technology which means that, when you push the Thunder's glass screen, you will actually feel the screen itself ‘give', just a little bit which is great, psychologically, because you know that you've committed a command. You'll also hear an audible click and feel a buzz on your finger.


If you then turn the phone around and use it in landscape mode you will then be able to use the virtual QWERTY keyboard. In portable mode, the keyboard will be a SureType model. Reports from users who have had a chance to use the new interface say that it's a, "really easy and enjoyable experience."


Other details include a 360 x 480 resolution. Interestingly, the built-in browser uses the Webkit engine which is the same as Apple's iPhone.


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