Deal Of The Day - 3 Skypephone Black - 6 Month Contract

This, quite possibly, is the best phone deal on the market just now. Why? Firstly, you're getting a 6 month contract, which only demands a short commitment and then you can take advantage of a new deal. Secondly, you're getting more than enough free minutes to last every month and you're not wasting any of them because this tariff is highly flexible. Thirdly, the line rental is very low but you save money up front - there's no awkward redemption system here. Finally, you're always hooked up to Skype. Just hit the Skype button to connect to more than 246 million users on the Skype network and away you go. For as long as you like. Without paying a penny extra. Over the year, in theory, you could save, what, hundreds? Thousands? A deal to miss at your peril.


  • Handset name: 3 Skypephone Black
  • Supplier: 3
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: Mix & Match 500 
  • Free call minutes: 500 or...
  • Free Texts: 500 [or any combination of the 2]
  • Rental/month: £18
  • Contract: 6 months
  • Offers: 300 free 3 minutes 

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Look and feel

At the centre of the phone's keypad sits the Skype key, which doubles up as the joypad.


Ease of use

As you'd expect Skype is simple to use with the Skypephone, with its one click access key.



Considering the price tag, the Skypephone is crammed with them. An astounding value for money feature set.



Everything we tested worked well. Mobile TV works a treat and internet browsing is fairly rapid. This phone punches well above its weight.


Battery life

We were only having to recharge it after two full days of use, while testing most of the features.


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