Nokia N95 luxury edition mobile phone

A new Nokia N95 luxury edition mobile phone has been released. The edition has been created via Continental Mobiles and comes with the chassis covered in an array of diamonds.


The Nokia is covered with diamonds rated at  4.42 carat of brilliant-cut, VS1 quality mined diamonds. Yet, the whole notion of luxury phones is an intriguing one - especially when attached to technology that moves out of date so quickly. After all, why spend so much money of a design that may become a fancy paperweight in a few year's time?


In addition, the question of design is another moot point as many of these ‘upgrades' tend to do what this outfit has done, thrown a heap of diamonds at a phone to see how many would stick. Finally, on a question of security, no matter who you are and what neighbourhood you live in, mobile phones go walk-about, surely this variant will move even quicker?


If you're set on buying the phone, however, you'll also need to know that the front of the panel is, additionally, covered with Sterling silver. The price for the luxury phone is a mere £10,000 a-piece.


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