i.Tech launches new mobile Bluetooth headset

A new Bluetooth headset has been released by i.Tech. The i.VoicePRO comes with a dual microphone plus noise filtering technology. The arrangement of the microphone means that you should be able to hear your calls clearer and with no interruptions. This is because the integrated technology picks up near field noises but excludes far field sounds. This is not innovative per se, similar technologies are used in top music studios to achieve specific musical effects, but its application is still relatively new in the mobile field.


According to the Slashphone website, the i.VoicePRO has implemented a unique patented algorithm which is based on the physics of sound waves and also the different time of arrival. This technology allows the microphone to pick up the human voice without any distortion, even if you are in a noisy location.


The headset includes an up to 100 hour standby time plus a talk time figure of five hours.


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