Samsung reported to release GT-M5310 mobile phone

Samsung is apparently about to release a new candybar mobile phone with shake control, called the GT-M5310. This is the second ‘GT' series announcement following on from their rugged handset news release.


Based upon a very slim chassis, the new handset is designed for music lovers utilising an interface based on a variety of physical movements such as shaking the mobile phone in a variety of directions or just turning it upside down, according to the Unwired website.


To be priced at 200-250 Euros (no UK price has yet been announced), the new design will feature EDGE for data transfer plus a 2in QVGA screen displaying 256k colours. A built-in camera is apparently slated to be included but expect no more than 2MP. In addition to a FM radio, connectivity will include USB 2.0 and a microSD port. Sized at 109 × 46 x 9.9mm, the chassis also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Click to read the Unwired story


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