Data download triggers £31k mobile telephone bill

A man, on holiday in Portugal, recently downloaded an episode of Prison Break and a few music tracks and was charged £31,000 for the privilege by Vodafone. According the The Register, the unfortunate holidaymaker was connected to a Vodafone-owned company called Yes Telecom when the bill was ramped ever upwards.


The Manchester Evening News named the ‘victim' as Iayn Dobson, 34. Dobson promptly objected to the large bill and, after some discussion, Vodafone agreed to lower the sum down to an agreed figure of £229. A figure that's still hardly peanuts.


The company failed to reveal how such a large figure could have been charged from such a relatively minor task of downloading a single TV program but it's events such as these which will surely add further ammunition to the EU's mission of lowering overall mobile phone rates - roaming or not.


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