Samsung SBH500 stereo Bluetooth headset to be released

Samsung has released a new stereo Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. The SBH500 is a wrap-around headset with well padded earpieces. It is presented in matted black plastic and comes with a charger. Most of the controls are situated on the right-hand side earpiece. These are the end/send button plus a LED notification light. You'll also find a play/pause button and a volume button.


The left-hand earpiece stores the on/off switch. A useful decision. You don't want to accidentally turn the thing off if all you're trying to do is increase the volume. The charging port is on this side too.


It weighs in a 74g which is not exactly light and there have been reports of some fatigue with extended use. The quality of music that is piped through the headphones is, according to reviewers, excellent. However, call quality, that is the voice quality, is less successful.


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