Sony HBH-DS205 Bluetooth headset released

Sony has released a high quality set of stereo Bluetooth headphones called the HBH-DS205. The new headset has been specifically created for Sony's Walkman range of mobile phones. However, the headphones are of a good enough quality to be used on any music device such as a MP3 player. The attendant control pendant can be clipped to your shirt and so, because it has a 3.5mm jack, you can attach it to your favourite music device.


If you receive a phone call whilst you are listening to some music, the headset mutes the music to allow you to receive the call. When you end the call, the music automatically resumes playing giving you a pretty seamless operation as you don't have to touch the phone itself during this time.


The headset is Bluetooth 2.0 capable and includes an ear hook to keep it close to the ear. It's sized at 13 x 65 mm and weighs 13g.


You can pre-order the headset in the UK or click here to buy direct from the USA.


Click to buy the headset



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