New Sharp SH706i mobile phone slider to be released

Sharp has released a new handset in Japan. The SH706i or, rather, the FOMA SH706i, to give the mobile phone its full name, is a slider design.


It features a 2.8in wide screen rated at QVGA, 240x400 pixel resolution that also supports 262k colours. A built-in camera is included but reports say that it is rated no higher than 3.2MP, no other associated camera details have been release.


Entertainment details are similarly thin on the ground. However, there are reports of the phone including DOLBY-rated sound. The 106 x 48 x 16.1 mm sized chassis weighs in at 10gm. External connections can be made via a microSD slot that can support memory cards of up to 2Gb. Apparently, the new Sharp handset will arrive in aqua green, black and pink.


No distribution details for the UK have been announced. No UK price has been mooted either.


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