Stay intact with the Mobile Survival Kit

Mobyko, Zygo and Textperts have come together to launch the Mobile Survival Kit (MSK). The idea is that it will help festival-goers this summer easily stay connected with each other, share their experiences via photos and videos as well as receive answers to all their festival queries.


Zygo provides a group of users with one collective telephone number. The group can then send one message to that number and each member in the group will receive that text message, perfect if you've lost your friends and need to arrange to meet up with them.


Mobyko is an online content backup service that can be used to save your contacts, text messages, photos and videos. All are retrievable should you have the misfortune of losing your phone while dancing away in the mosh pit. Textpert's SMS question-answering service means you are one text away from receiving the answer to your query. For example, learn when your next train is or what the name of the latest album of the band you're watching is.


All three services can be found on the Mobile Survival Kit website (, in association with In addition all three services are offering a range of offers in conjunction with the MSK. Zygo is offering 60 free texts messages, with 20% off any further texts purchased. Mobyko is offering their Premium account (worth £24.99) for free with a promotional code available from the MSK website. Textpert's service will charge £1 for the first answer with the second being free.

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