Motorola candbar mobile phone to support 3G

Motorola has announced another new mobile phone that will support 3G. You have to hand it to the company. Motorola, which has been going through some very turbulent times, is making a fist of trying to re-establish its former position in the market.


This new announcement is a bit of a mystery because the name of the new phone is unknown. However, according to the Justamp website, the handset is a ‘C' series design. It is also to include a front-facing camera which means that the phone will be geared up for video calls. A built-in camera is apparently to be featured, although it will probably be no more than 2MP.


Other features will include GSM, GPRS and EDGE. External connections will be made via Bluetooth and microSD. Software should include: an organizer, calendar, voice notes, SyncML, alarm clock, calculator, currency converter and values, stopwatch and a dictaphone.


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