Mobile Daily Deal - Nokia 6120 - 6 Month, Reduced Contract

In the current financial climate, mobile users want to grab the best value deal they can and at an attractive price. This deal is perfect for these uncertain days. Firstly, it's based on a 6 month contract which gives you the lowest commitment contract period on the market. Secondly, it provides a huge amount of free minutes and texts which means that most people will never have to spend an extra panny on phone calls. Finally, the already low line rental of £27 has now been reduced to just £20 per month. Bottom line? This is a remarkable deal but it won't be available for too long so grab it while you can!



  • Handset name: Nokia 6120
  • Supplier: 3
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: Mix & Match 1100 
  • Free call minutes: 1100 or
  • Free Texts: 1100 [or any mixture of the 2]
  • Rental/month: £20
  • Contract: 6 months
  • Offers: £7 per month line rental discount & 300 free 3 minutes

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Look and Feel
A classic-style Nokia monoblock. A nicely sized keypad and high-quality screen grace the front.

Features a two-megapixel camera, an MP3 music player and expandable memory.

Ease of Use
Incredibly easy to use and handle. The keypad and navigation D-pad are a good size and the display is crisp.

Only 190 minutes of talktime, which isn't as much as we would expect.

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