LG rumoured to be working on a new 8MP mobile phone

LG is rumoured to be working on a new mobile phone to be called the KC910. Apparently the new handset, which should be around 0.55in thick, will include a new, high resolution phone built-in to the chassis and may be rated at 8MP, complete with a high quality Xenon flash plus extra camera features such as image stabilization to remove shaky images and automatic face detection to improve image quality. In addition, rumours also say that the camera phone will record images in a wide screen resolution of around 720 x 480.


According to the Mobile Whack website, observers say that the move to develop the new phone is some sort of response to the launch and good reviews of the recently released HTC Touch Diamond.


The new design will reportedly incorporate a touch screen. The display itself should have a resolution of 800×480.


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