Sony and Ericsson - trouble at mill over PlayStation phone

Sony Ericsson is rumoured to be working on a new mobile phone incorporating elements of the Sony PSP games console. The new development is, apparently, aimed at a Christmas 2009 release date.


However, this announcement could be the trigger that ends the Sony Ericsson relationship for good. Apparently, according to Marketing Week's website, figures on the Sony side of the fence are not too happy that they have allowed the valuable Walkman and Cyber-Shot brands to be used by the Sony Ericsson collaboration.


In fact, one anonymous insider was quoted that the decision to use the brands was a "strategic error". The feeling that the long-term collaboration may have already hit a brick wall was further strengthend when the recently released F305 handset was issued. This entertainment-related mobile phone is aimed at gamers. Many thought it odd that the PlayStation logo wasn't added to it.


The fact that this phone does not have the PlayStation logo might indicate that decisions for a new direction in Sony's mobile future have already been made.


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