Sony Ericsson Remi - the successor to the T610?

A new candybar mobile phone handset is rumoured to be on the way - codenamed the Remi. The new handset is, according to the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog, to be a remade, if not reissued, T610, the company's star mobile phone of the early Noughties and the phone that made the company into a leading player in the market.


A slim design, made partly from tough aluminium, the new handset is reportedly based upon the W890 hardware platform - which means that it will probably share many of that platform's features - spanning around 10mm thick and 4.7mm wide with HSDPA for speedy data transfer of both music and video as well as other information.


The phone is also apparently camera-capable with a reported specification around 3.2MP but only with a fixed focus lens.


No release date has been mooted for a possible releases date or price for the new design.


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