Sony Ericsson rumoured to be working on 16Gb mobile phone

There are strong rumours of a new 16Gb mobile phone under development by Sony Ericsson. The reports come after the company had taken an evolutionary progression with its ‘W' series of mobile phones. The W950 mobile is a 4Gb Walkman handset, for example, which was then followed by the W960 which packed 8Gb into its chassis. It is thought that work is already underway to develop the next handset in that range to hold 16Gb of internal memory.


Reports say that the extra memory capacity will be required because of the increasing competition from MP3 and associated entertainment players such as Apple's iPod Touch and 3G phones which are featuring expanded memory capacities to hold both music (more and more of which are larger, higher quality files) and videos.


No release date has been mooted for a possible releases date or price for the new design.


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