Motorola Blaze touch screen mobile phone spotted

A new Motorola handset, known as the Blaze, has been spotted. The new handset apparently has a touchscreen interface. However, reports say that the screen itself appears to be a pretty tough affair which might indicate that the interface is designed to be operated by finger touch - in a similar way to Apple's iPhone - as opposed to a stylus operation.


According to the BGR website, other features assigned to the Blaze - which resembles a cross between a Ming and a PEBL - are thin on the ground. However, observers have said that the handset does appear to feature a built-in camera. The exact specifications appear a little hazy but it's not thought to be very highly rated - probably 2MP and no more. It is also reported that the new Blaze will include a built-in GPS facility plus expansion via Bluetooth.


Indications are that the transparent flip lid, when closed, will allow limited phone use.

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