Socom release Bluetooth headset with PlayStation logo

Socom has announced the release of a new Bluetooth headset complete with the PlayStation logo on its side. The logo is more of a marketing exercise, it does not mean that the headset is only usable in conjunction with specialist PS3 hardware. So you can utilise the Socom headset with your own phone or laptop.


According to the Slashgear website, as yet, Sony has yet to announce a formal release date for the Bluetooth headset. No price information has been released either.


However, Socom did confirm that the headset would be available when the Blu-ray version of the game finally hits the High St and will come with extra gaming specific features. For example, in addition to the mute button, you also will be given a recharge cradle that will be powered direct from the USB port of the PlayStation 3. The headset will be available as a separate item to buy or bundled with the game.


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