Motorola set to announce new mobile phone with 8MP camera, code-named Alexander

Motorola is set to announce a new mobile phone code-named Alexander which will feature an 8MP camera and a specialist array of 3D graphics chips from nVidia, one of the leading graphics chip manufacturers, popular amongst PC users. nVidia is known for its boundary pushing technologies. In fact, it currently has the fastest graphics cards in the PC market. Any related development for phone use has, therefore, to be looked at with some interest.


Other details are thin on the ground. There have been suggestions that the phone will incorporate a touchscreen but that is unconfirmed, at the moment. It's also reported that Motorola insiders see this as a make or break release and may decide the future of the company itself.


According to the BGR website, the new handset design is also rumoured to be slated for an October release, although the proposed price has yet to be mooted. No UK details have yet been released.


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