Sony Ericsson cancel the P5 Paris and G702 Beibei mobile phones

Mobile users hoping to buy either the Sony Ericsson P5 or G702 Beibei will be disappointed because both have been axed by the parent company. The exact reason for the cancellation has not yet been formally announced. However, the rumours for the removal of the two handsets from the development process have been rife and range from engineering problems to marketing concerns to poor initial reviews from hand-picked media members who were used as a sort of testing ground before a possible release.


According to the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog website, some of the critics of the handsets have stated that much of the P5's specification list was outdated before release and the Beibei was crammed with far too many buttons for a supposedly touch screen phone.


Further rumours have also arisen that, whilst both handsets have been cancelled, they might still be resurrected for the Asian market.


Click here to read the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog story


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