Airremote turns the iPhone into a remote control

Apple's iPhone will soon have the ability to become a remote control via Airremote, a new utility that will change the handset's interface to enable you to control many of the boxes currently sitting in your living room such as your TV, Sky box and home lights. It's due to launch when the Apple 3G version of the iPhone arrives on the High St. in July.


The Pocket-Lint website says that the Airremote will retail for £150 which is not exactly small change for this sort of software, especially when it's being applied to a mobile phone and not to a dedicated home automation handset such as those sold via Crestron or Philips. On the other hand, it does offer the advantage of combining yet another gadget into one small device - in this case the iPhone which potentially means that the specialist universal remote control could become a thing of the past.


The new utility will be available via the Apple App Store when the iPhone 3G is released in July.


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