Improved mobile phone imaging technology via Symbian

Symbian has signed a new license to employ new imaging technology via the development outfit, Scalado. The upshot of the new deal will be to vastly increase the image quality displayed by all future Symbian phones.


The Scalado system focuses of a wide variety of areas of image processing and rendering including: fast rendering, rotation, scaling and editing - all whilst utilising less memory than before.


Scalado has one important trick up its sleeve whilst it's performing all of these operations. It uses, what the company calls, Random Access JPEG which allows imaging processing to occur while the image is still in a compressed form. Hence, the memory is reduced.


According to Intomobile, the CEO of Scalado, Mats Jacobson, said, "Consumers today expect mobile phone cameras to perform just as well as digital still cameras. Building on our existing long and fruitful partnership, this new initiative sees Symbian and Scalado working together to ensure that the leading mobile OS will deliver the beauty of high quality and high speed image handling with full connectivity and sharing options to consumers."


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