Holographic projection from mobile phones in two years

Computer company, Infosys has declared that, by 2010, mobile phones will have the capability to project 3D holograms from a 2D image. A large technology company in India, Infosys is already working on mobile phone systems that will enable handsets to capture and project a 3D holographic image - as well as sending that image to a third party.


Infosys, in a press release, declared that, "by the year 2010 the mobile phones will 'routinely' beam 3D films, games, and virtual goods and will have particular applications in the business world helping accident investigators, teachers and doctors."


Based on Fourier algorithms, according to ZDNet, to give them a third dimension without resolution loss, any mobile phone with the ability to create such a hologram will require a pretty high-power internal processor. Nevertheless, the featured patent declares that, "this allows complex 3D holographic images to be squeezed through the narrow pipes of existing communications networks, by sending only the unprocessed data to be translated into the 3D hologram at the other end."


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