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A piece of software has been introduced by ExactTrak aiming to provide a new anti-theft solution to stolen mobile phones. PhoneBAK will automatically alert any registered owner of a lost or stolen mobile if it is used by unauthorised SIM card. With many thieves quick to replace the SIM card in stolen mobiles, PhoneBAK works by silently sending two SMS messages to two preset numbers, such as a friend or colleague.


Each SMS message will include the identification number of the phone (IMEI and IMSI numbers), mast information, new telephone number, GSM Area Code as well as SIM-identification details. Furthermore, each PhoneBAK-covered device is registered with Immobilise, the national police database, meaning police know who to return a recovered device to.


Compatible with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, BlackBerry and any phone running Windows Mobile, PhoneBAK also comes with Mobyko's free premium data back up service that allows the user to store and retrieve all their mobile phone's data content.


PhoneBAK is available for £12.99 (inc. VAT) exclusively from ExactTrak at www.exacttrak.com.

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