HTC Touch Diamond promised speed increase via new ROM

The recently released Touch Diamond is the recipient of a new ROM upgrade, featuring performance upgrades.


The Touch Diamond, the well received smartphone that was recently released by HTC, has been universally praised by reviewers and users. However, if you feel that your HTC handset could do with a little extra ‘oomph', you'll be glads to hear that a new, official, ROM upgrade has been released to improve performance.


According to the Cool Smartphone website, the Elite 1.0 ROM image features several tweaks. Most obvious is actually a deletion - in this case the Welcome Centre. The new ROM also introduces an updated version of the .NET Compact Framework which apparently improves the performance of the program.


Reportedly, new units of the HTC Touch Diamond currently on sale feature a sort of intermediary ROM, updated from the original but not quite up to the latest spec, with improvements in speed but not as slick as the Elite version.


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