Sony Ericsson TM506 mobile phone announced

Sony Ericsson has announced the TM506 mobile phone which adopts a clamshell design. The new handset resembles the Z780.


According to reports via the Phone Scoop website, the new Sony Ericsson design includes dual band coverage and utilises GSM, EDGE and, more importantly, 3G, for fast data transfer. Other interesting features include GPS for location finding as well as Bluetooth for external connections.


The reports do say that the handset includes a built-in camera but its specifications are, as yet, hidden from view. Those same reports also say that the handset is capable of streaming video and TV. However, again, the specific details of these applications have yet to be fully disclosed.


The mobile phone does appear to be closely linked with T-Mobile so expect some sort of exclusive deal to be announced in the fullness of time.


Distribution and price into the UK have yet to be announced


Click here to read the Phone Scoop story


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