Airlines to save money via mobile phones?

Airline costs, due to day-to-day delays, could be reduced by £300 million with the assistance of passenger mobile phones. This conclusion has emerged from research conducted by Cambridge University and SITA, the airline IT provider. The nub of the research says that passenger mobile phones could be utilised as on the hoof news providers for gate changes, for example.


The aim is for your mobile phone to become a ‘travel folder' that would not only feature up-to-the-minute news on your flight but also boarding passes, payment data, baggage tracking information and the like. Other information that could be stored on a mobile may also include biometric and visa information, says the research. However, maybe we should also be researching some pretty radical security improvements before that situation becomes the norm - how often are phones lost of stolen?


Chief Technology Officer at SITA, Jim Peters, said to Computer Weekly, "Our research shows that mobile services will be available to all travellers worldwide over the next five years. In fact, by the end of 2010, 67% of airlines plan to offer mobile check-in. By then, 82% of airlines also plan to offer notification services on mobiles."


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