Does sleep-texting actually exist?

Reports says that SMS addicts are prone to texting in their sleep. The story, which ran in a Texan newspaper called The Star, told of a 24-year old Texas woman who recently emerged from a fitful sleep to find that she had sent several texts to her boyfriend during the night, whilst she was fast asleep. And to complete the task, she had to move through 11 menu options before reaching the text message screen.


According to one medical expert, a Dr Ron Kramer, from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, he suggested that the condition might not be as far-fetched as you might think, "Texting for some of the younger generation is probably as ingrained as driving is for some," he said to The Star.


The same newspaper also talked to Larry Rosen, who has published a modern parenting book. He suggested that young people may naturally perform daytime phone actions, such as texting, at night.


Mobile Choice says - keep the mobile phone downstairs folks!


Click to read The Star's story


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